Jesse Chapman

Licensed Realtor since 2014, achieved Diamond Awards (top 3% in Royal LePage Canada from 2016 onward), Red Diamond Award in 2021 (top 2% Royal LePage Canada), as well as the Chairman's Club as a team in 2019 and 2020 (top 1% in Royal LePage Canada).

With a background in carpentry and interior residential renovations, Jesse knows homes. After spending 10 years working as an independent contractor, Jesse decided to join his father and sister in the real estate industry at Team Chapman. Thanks to his extensive knowledge of the ins and outs of home building and renovations, Jesse can provide insight that most other real estate agents can't duplicate. Not only can he speak to the quality and state of a home's structure and renovations, Jesse still has numerous contacts in the home renovation sector, which he is happy to share with his clients.

An Expert In Negotiation

As his expertise in the real estate industry grows, Jesse continues to find ways to enhance his role in Team Chapman. In addition to his independent contractor and Realtor certifications, Jesse is also a Master Certified Negotiation Expert (MCNE), giving him an extra edge when it comes to negotiating on client's behalf.


More About Jesse

  • Awards

    Top 1% Team in Royal LePage Canada National Chairman's Club Award (2020), Top 2% Royal LePage Canada 2022 Red Diamond Award, and Top 3% Royal LePage Canada Diamond Award Red Diamond Award (2021 - 2022) Director's Platinum Award (2015) President's Gold Award (2014) Diamond Award (2016 - 2020) Top Tier Member (2022) National Top 5% Award (2022) National Top 10% Award (2022)

  • Outdoorsman

    Hiking, Fishing, Paddleboarding, Snowboarding, Cross-country Skiing, Camping, Gardening

  • World traveler

    Backpacking, South Pacific, South East Asia, Europe, Central and South America

  • Interested In Green building

    Solar energy, raising fish, growing sustainable food

  • Father/Family Man

    Has 2 young daughters